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Education Blog

An article I wrote about the 2005 California special election was printed in a recent edition of the Panorama. Thoughts On Teaching, my education blog, is what I use to write down ideas I have about the public education system and classroom practices. There are even a few podcasts there, with more to come soon.

Recent Mundane Beauty

Long Lost Boutique
Long Lost Boutique


It's hard to stay on top of trends in an industry that changes so dramatically from day to day.

Computers become obsolete by the time they find a home. A new model heralded the latest and greatest quickly becomes a clearance item. Newer, faster models wait patiently in the shadows to make the consumer regret any technology purchase. The latest cell phone technology really isn't; it's simply last year's technology finally making it into your pocket. And once the new models come out, that chunk of plastic you talk into will seem old and busted.

Web sites are no different than anything else in this regard. Viewers want new and exciting designs, to scan their eyes across something they haven't seen before, something that doesn't look exactly like the five previous sites they've visited. Let's stop repackaging the same old design; let's stop thinking like we're stuck in a box. Let's start believing that unique design is what makes a site great; let's start looking for something new to grab our attention. I'm ready. Are you?