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A Weekend in Elba

A Weekend in Elba

My girlfriend's father owns a large bit of land in Trinidad, CA. On the property, in addition to the large house he lives in, are two cabins he rents. Whenever we go up there to visit, we stay in one of the cabins.

Elba is the name of one cabin, named after Napoleon's hideout. It's a nice place, small enough to get comfortable in. I definitely treat it as a hideout when I stay there. Sometimes it's good to get away and unplug from all this.

The cabinets in the bathroom are...rustic is a good word to use. As I was walking out of the bathroom the day before my drive back home, something about these handles caught my eye: two pairs of side-by-side wooden knobs with two hinges as a seperator. Just like my kitchen picture, these handles seemed to be blocked out and the perspective was interesting. As I stood there, squinting my eye to "see" the shot, standing on tip-toe and crouching to find the angle, I knew that I had to get this. For some reason. I'm not sure why.