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Long Lost Boutique

Long Lost Boutique

Sitting at a stop light in Willits, CA, I glanced to the left. Quickly grabbing my camera and fully expecting the big, silver Toyota 4-wheel drive with 25 inch tires that was rumbling behind me to honk for my being even a split second late to step on the accelerator, I snapped the shot just in time. As I turned from the camera to face foward, I saw the light turn green and floored it out of that little town. My apologies to anyone who lives there. Any time spent in Willits is too much time, in my opinion.

This sign sits as a remnant, much like the entire town. I can imagine a time when everything was written in this style. It also reminds me of the worn look everyone is so busy crafting on wicked Web sites now. Everything old is new again.

Oh. And I think that smudge above the "O" is a rain drop on my window. Don't let the blue-sky background fool you; it was raining that day.